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Being a BA theatre major has been such a great experience. Regent really helps performers define who they are as actors and define who they are as Christians in the performing world. What I've learned most being here so far has been how to set up boundaries as a Christian performer and stand by them.

Continuing Education

Coming back to school after a two year break was very scary at first because I felt so far behind from all the people I graduated with, but God showed me that my timing here was perfect. And he has let me meet such wonderful people who have been where I'm at and they encouraged me. And once you're in the classes, you see that there are people of all ages and degrees and that age doesn't matter so much.

Christian Education

I use to say that I would never go to a Christian University because I thought they would be so strict and uptight. Also I didn't think a Christian University would be able to teach me theatre the way I needed it to be taught. Regent completely changed my perspective. They have a wonderful program and they really encourage us in our walk with God and show us how to co-exist in the world as a Christian.

Theatre Degree

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adventures in the rain

So today I went to lunch with some friends. We went to Olive Garden and found out it was a 15 minute wait. We had to be back at school in an hour. So we went back out to my car and for some reason it wouldn't start. The gas was low and so I thought perhaps the gas gauge was off by a little bit. So we went over tho Friendly's and called a bunch of friends to have some people get us. So we sit down and eat and I'm praying and trying to stay calm and enjoy my time while we wait. So anyway friends come and we get food and eat. I've called my boss to let her know that my car died and that I was going to be late.

So I get to school and get to work and talk to my boss about letting me leave with my friend to get a gas can and put some gas in my tank. So my wonderful friend took me back to my car and I filled up my gas tank as she tried to figure out how to put oil in her car. It was quit the picture. Two girls are in the rain as a green Mercury Sable is being filled with oil and a white Mercury Sable is have gas put in her.

So I go to start my car and it still does nothing. It wasn't even rolling over. So I pop my hood to see if I can figure out what is wrong and I always have trouble popping my hood because I can never find the lever. My friend, Sharon, skillfully figured it out and we looked at my engine and... it looked fine. We wondered if maybe the battery had died so we tried to jump my car.. still nothing.

I call my dad and he tells me to turn the car on and pop it in neutral. So I do.. forgetting that the emergency break is not on... my car starts to roll backwards out of the parking spot. I tell my father to hold on and I call for Sharon. She gets behind my car and I'm by the driver door and we try and push my car back into the parking space... Remember now, it's still raining... ok so it wasn't moving so I run back to Sharon and we push my car back into the parking space and I have her run up and put it in park.

Ok so I get off the phone with my dad and we call AAA and wait for them to come. We decided that since its still raining and we are wet and cold, to go inside the Olive Garden to get some coffee. We go and sit at the bar and have some coffee.

The tow truck comes and Sharon goes out to meet him and I wait for our waitress to pay the bill and you know what she does? She says not to worry about. I'd had a bad enough day as it was. I thanked God for her and asked him to bless her in that moment. Because that was really nice of her.

Anyway the tow truck comes tows Mable (my car) away and Sharon and I head back to school.

It turns out it was my starter. So they've fixed it and I will pick her up tomorrow. For those of you who have had car problems you know the financial stress that comes with this. But thankfully my Poppa is taking care of it. He's so good to me.

So I'm without a car for a night but all in all it's been taken care of.

I'm drained, but grateful for the encouragement from people, the hugs, and the support. And for my awesome friends who have my back. And hopefully my beautiful Mabel the Sable will be back with me tomorrow.

The end.

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  1. Great post! I wish you could follow up on this topic!